About my Poems…

Some of my poems are done when I post them, but some have been written years ago… It is not something I may be experiencing right this moment…   Other times I’m describing someone else feelings  and not mine…

I have a series of poems about a desire which took place a couple of years ago and I want to post the series, but it deserved an explanation prior to publishing…

I’m not madly in love with anyone or going crazy for anybody… Sometimes on the spur of the moment I come up with a poem about a feeling…  Doesn’t necessarily mean it’s my feeling… It’s just a mood written for the poem…

I began to sign my poems with LorB because people started asking if the poems were mine… Just to clarify, all the poems I post are all written by me…

14 Responses to About my Poems…

  1. ‘Other times I’m describing someone else feelings and not mine…’

    hhmmm…i do this too, all of my words have a little bit of me peeking out but some are of people i know or obseseve. some are even compilations of character profiles so i’d like to read that series you’ve described. thank you as always and have a wonderful day. 🙂


  2. lumar1298 says:

    You welcome and thanks for visiting… Have a terrific weekend… Blessings…


  3. M. Zane McClellan says:

    Hey look what I found! I must need a new prescription for my glasses. Either that or my eyes are tired from too much time on the PC. I love all of your poems, they are sweet and make me smile. I don’t always take the time to like them as I should, but I am so thankful when I see you have liked mine. I will make a point to let you know when I enjoy a poem of yours Lor. Promise! ~ Michael


  4. lumar1298 says:

    Thank you, Michael… I look forward ever evening to jumping in bed and reading and looking through all the lovely blogs I follow… Love your poetry… Love, Lor


  5. Tanveer Rauf says:

    I appreciate the honest approach. that should be 🙂 i’m glad i read you:)


  6. Hey kid, it wouldn’t be Sunday if you didn’t log in ! Thanx again, your photos always remind me of happy days in the sun, in most of my favorite places, oh, how I wish !!… Claire B.

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    • lumar1298 says:

      Thanks, Claire… I am lucky to be in the sun always, but being up north also has its perks… Miss my grandkids from Jersey… I’ve been trying to get them to move, but they don’t like the heat… Go figure…


  7. That’s okay, try to imagine, I have this huge family local and NYC, same last name ( google for laughs ) and only one even knows my website address, and he’s almost 60 ! HaHa ! Claire B.

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  8. TR says:

    Didn’t I see this on the joke thought?
    Hey! It’s okay since it’s free and not bought.
    You mind if I tell Penny anyway
    Cause she’s had a really bad day

    I got a rhyme every time
    Some are prunes and some are wine
    Some really stink and some are fine
    In either case they are all mine

    I’m glad I stumbled on your blog
    You are wheel to fit nicely in my cog
    I’ll let you be the center and I’ll be the spokes
    I’ll make em cry and you can tell the jokes

    And at the end of the day and we are finished with our play
    And our friends are better, we’ve made em laugh and wiped a tear away
    Does it really matter they remember who or what we had to say?

    And now it’s your turn. I want your two cents
    Make me laugh! You don’t even have to make sense


  9. Just a quick note, thanks again, hope you plan on reaching Z, haha ! Sincerely, Claire, just a little bit older !


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