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I’m Hooked…

So why am I doing yet another crafty thing… It all began because I was/am bored at work… I can’t quit my job to pursue my hobbies, but I can try to do something more creative on the side to uplift … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

For this week’s challenge… I choose some things around the yard… My little welcome guys… And my rock – A reminder to laugh often… And of course, one of my favorite tempting desserts…  Enjoy…  

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Flower Array

Floral rainbow comes alive… Silently swaying with the breeze… Releasing a sweet aroma… Attracting many passersby…                                                LorB

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Coming from every direction… Happy chirping sounds… Birds hiding within the trees…                                               LorB

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A Photo a Week Challenge: Stripes

No need to explain the wonder of the stripes…

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We don’t need rules and restrictions… To know what is right and wrong… We have an inborn ability… Letting us know we’re on destructive path… Just as the flowers bloom in the center of chaos… We can all grown in … Continue reading

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Shadows

Tried to take a picture of my shadow… But my shadow would not cooperate… Decided to stick to what I feel more comfortable with… Birds, ducks, butterflies, or anything having to do with nature… And as you can see, the … Continue reading

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