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Six Word Saturday: Butterflies Wandering from Plant to Plant…

I’m always in awe at Butterfly World… I’m happily chasing the butterflies… While they stop and continue on…

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Phoneography Photo Challenge: Black and White – Town and Gown

Butterflies fluttering… Some stop and play… Others just keep flapping and spinning… Unaware of the awe they cause… Every town should have a Butterfly World… For everyone to enjoy the magnificence and beauty… http://lensandpensbysally.wordpress.com/2014/11/17/phoneography-and-non-slr-digital-photo-challenge-black-and-white-town-and-gown/

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Rainbow Lorikeets

Uniquely colorful attractive birds… Hungry for food, love, and affection… Major things we all need in order to survive…                                                LorB

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Butterfly World

Butterflies sweet as nectar… Prancing from branch to branch… Freely flying high… I had a real hard time photographing the butterflies.  They wouldn’t stand still long enough for the shots.  They had me sweating…  I spent two hours admiring and … Continue reading

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