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Left in Suspense

Tonight, I attended my other class… Shaping and molding clay to form the perfect items… A little intimidating when you see the clump of clay in front of you… But once you get your hands dirty… There’s no halting the … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: B+

Not really sure how to begin…  Never read about a music critic reviewing a song or record…  But here goes my first attempt: Track one: “Food truck rendezvous”…  Sampled loaded fries and scrumptious guava cupcake… Chowed it down with raspberry … Continue reading

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Love so Hard to Find…

My love for him grows stronger with each day… It must be all those tiny details which brighten my heart… The smooth passionate kisses that sends me spinning all around… Those sweet caresses which cause chills down my spine… I … Continue reading

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Going Nuts…

Him and I go from one extreme to the next… Last week I threw him out… And this week we’re buying a house… Don’t understand… Am I Going NUTS… Or is this just part of life… I love him dearly … Continue reading

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You Have the Power Within…

I’ve been reading a book by Louise L. Hays, “The Power is Within You” and what I realized as I read is that the power to change is truly within us.  The problem is that we tend to give up … Continue reading

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You’re Everything to Me…

He has taught me how to love unselfishly… Not only thinking of me… But also realizing there is no one else besides me… Sharing sweet moments tenderly… He has shown me that his heart belongs to me… And to love … Continue reading

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