Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week 25

Creative decorating…

Hanging pretty flowers and lace…

Keeps sun out of my face…

Golf Cart

Copyright 2015 – All rights reserved – Lori Bravo


022714 Odd Ball

About lumar1298

Love to read, write, and meditate. I Also have a creative side. I enjoy crafting and designing and when I want action, then I dance.
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15 Responses to Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2015 Week 25

  1. Trini Lind says:

    So cute 🙂 ❤


  2. Cee Neuner says:

    How fun is this photo. Thanks for playing 😀

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  4. Cee Neuner says:

    Congratulations! I have selected this post to be featured on Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.
    I sure hope you have a terrific week ahead!


  5. loisajay says:

    Congratulations to you. Wow. This couple does ride in style, don’t they?!


  6. A surrey with a fringe on top… Oklahoma! BTW… I’ll be off for a couple of months, Lumar. See you in September. –Curt

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    • lumar1298 says:

      Good for you… Have a nice time… I think I’m also going to take a sabbatical. I have to do a photography class and some other things pending which I’ve been neglecting due to blogging… I may take two or three weeks to do this. I love blogging and I will never leave it, but it does take time. I don’t know how people can post three – five things daily. I can’t barely do one post with so much reading from the blogs I follow. Well! Do have a terrific time…

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  8. How cute…love golf carts that are all dressed up!!


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