Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge (Day One): Fish Stuck

Thank you, Helen from HHC BLOG who invited me to participate the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge. If you don’t know her blog, go check it…

The rules of Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge require you to post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo (It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or simply a short paragraph) and then nominate another blogger to carry on this challenge. Accepting the challenge is entirely up to the person nominated, it is not a command.

Today, I would like to invite Marly from Kintal ( to join the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge.  If you have not seen her blog, please go and check out the amazing poems and graphic art…

Here is my first photo & story…

I recently discovered a passion for bird watching and the good thing about living in South Florida is that there are many wetland and nature centers to visit. One of these places is close to my job and sometimes after work; I go for a walk on the man-made boardwalk. Some stretch for two to three miles and there are plenty of opportunities to see wild life and photograph them. The Green Cay is no exception…

After a long day’s work, it is nice to be in such peaceful surroundings… On my walk I encountered many ducks, birds, and even alligators, but on the end of this walk, an Inhinga bird was struggling trying to release a fish from its beak… I immensely enjoyed watching the way it tossed its head side to side and the fish would not come off. It wrestled for some time, but eventually jumped in the water and the fish finally slipped off… Was not about to lose yummy food.

There’s a calming effect when surrounded by nature…   It the simplest way to forget all problems and be at peace…


Copyright 2015 – All rights reserved – Lori Bravo

About lumar1298

Love to read, write, and meditate. I Also have a creative side. I enjoy crafting and designing and when I want action, then I dance.
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10 Responses to Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge (Day One): Fish Stuck

  1. Great challenge and amazing photo stories!

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  2. The Poetry Channel says:

    Great shot, Lori.

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  3. Helen C says:

    I am so glad that you are participating the challenge! Thank you! Great photos. I don’t think it’s easy to catch that exact moment. Wow!


  4. Jet Eliot says:

    Really like the Anhinga photos. South Florida is a bonanza of birds — great place to take up birding! 😀


  5. thanks for the challenge, Lori. Today, i started posting – here’s the link again, thank you for the invite


  6. You are lucky to have nature like this on your doorstep.

    I absolutely agree about nature. Even to step off a path and stand on grass for a few seconds is calming.

    How is ‘Cay’ pronounced? I imagine is is pronounced like ‘key’ – the key that opens locks.

    In the UK we have the word ‘quay’ that is also pronounced ‘key’. Do you have that spelling, too?


  7. lumar1298 says:

    Thanks. I am very grateful for living in FL. I didn’t have to wait to retire to move. Cay is pronounced as the name Kay and we do have Quay which means: A landing place by the edge of the water or wharf.


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