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To My Fellow Blogers

I will be on vacation with the grandkids for the next two weeks and will have limited access to internet and Wi-Fi.  I will miss everyone, but the kids also need grandma’s attention for a little bit…  See you soon… … Continue reading

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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 24

If it weren’t for Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge… My odd and weird pictures… Would probably end up in the trash folder… Grateful for the opportunity to exhibit…

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A Lingering Look at Windows: Week 32

Whether glass, stone, or wood… Our homes need fresh air and light… Can’t imagine a house or office without a window…

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Travel theme: Endearing

A kiss… An embrace… A touch… Sends fussy feelings all throughout…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Everywhere we look there is some form of texture… Can be found in nature… Or in products we manufacture… Glad for the variety…

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One Word Photo Challenge: Chartreuse

Warm and exciting bright color… Adds freshness… And renews your soul…  

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Gator Glam

Caution!  Alligator’s in the vicinity… No need to despair… Artwork for all to enjoy… All colorful and bright… Sawgrass Mills, one of the world’s most popular shopping destinations and outlet, was inviting artists to participate in “Gator Glam”. This juried … Continue reading

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