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One Word Photo Challenge: Aqua

Aqua reminds me of water… Release and letting go… The need for pampering and rejuvenation… Light a candle or take a dip… Relax the mind, body, and soul…

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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 21

Interesting finds this weekend… Including an unusual spot to eat, “Fords Garage”… Must be new to these parts… I highly recommended it… Our experience with the food was good… And the decorations were a conversation piece…

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I can think of a number of containers for the challenge… But trying to find the perfect picture is a different story… One things for sure, containers can be a thing of beauty or something totally disgusting… Can be what … Continue reading

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Travel theme: Purple

Color purple… My birthstone, Amethyst and favorite color… Good to use when seeking spiritual fulfillment… Surround yourself with purple… And peacefulness will follow…

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Saturday Stroll

Magnificent fountains at the outlets… Captured two white ducks bathing in the water… And a young man sunbathing at the edge… Couldn’t have asked for better weather… Strolling in and out of shops… Mom was ecstatic to find her birthday … Continue reading

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week 2

Sleepy and tired… From a hard days work… Exhaustion hit hard… Link to the challenge:  

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Wood or Season of Spring

Spring is enjoyment… Time to breath in the cool breeze… Running free… Seizing every moment… Before the unbearable hotness strikes…

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