Nominated Again!

I have received three awards in the last couple of weeks and wanted to mention and thank my sweet friends..

I am honored and thankful for these awards…  🙂  I never expected such thoughtful surprise…  Thank you…  🙂


wonderful-readership-award1  versatileThe versatile blogger and Wonderful Team Member Readership Award is from:  Petite Magique   –

wpid-versatile-blogger-awardThe Versatile Blogger Award is from:  Aisha’s Oasis   –

Both blogs are wonderful and I enjoy their poems and stories very much…  Please feel free to visit them and take a peak at their stuff…

I do have to say (7) things about myself and nominate (15) blogs I like, but nominating only (15) blogs is a challenge for me.  I follow many fantastic blogs and I cannot pick one over another.  I like them all…

If anyone would like to play along, please tell me (7) things about yourself and link it back to this blog or just leave it in the comments area…

Here are my (7):

1.  I look forward to getting home, eating, relaxing, and writing or reading blogs…  My me time…

2.  I want to turn sixty-five already so I can retire…  Can’t wait…  Hope to make it…

3.  Would like to sleep in every day and get up when I feel like it and not at six am sharp…

4.  The only pet animal I like are monkeys…

5.  I have always dreamed with going to Greece and Australia even as a little girl…  I’ll be going to Greece in a couple of days, but Australia is not looking too good…

6.  I have always wanted to scuba dive, but the one time I tried, I had a panic attack…  Haven’t intended again…

7.  I found out recently, I love taking pictures.  Now, I’m click happy…  Don’t go anywhere without one of my cameras…  Usually, it is the crappy one since it is smaller and easier to carry…

Happy Friday…











About lumar1298

Love to read, write, and meditate. I Also have a creative side. I enjoy crafting and designing and when I want action, then I dance.
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  2. Congrats @Lor 🙂


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