Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers

Pelican flower (Aristolochia grandiflora). This plant emits a strong odor that smells to humans, but not to insects. The odor attracts flies that help pollinate it. It is a native plant from the Caribbean, but was introduced to the US in order to attract butterflies.

Not a pleasant plant to have, but appealing to the eye…

It’s so weird-looking it appears pretty…

Good way of keeping unwelcomed guest away from your house…


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Love to read, write, and meditate. I Also have a creative side. I enjoy crafting and designing and when I want action, then I dance.
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22 Responses to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flowers

  1. lulu says:

    What an interesting texture this flower has. This is one I’ve not seen.


  2. M. Zane McClellan says:

    Well as far as aromas, or odd fragrances go, the Corpse plant is supposed to be the worst. I’ll stick to the sweet ones that make me close my eyes. Nice shot, Lor.


  3. Karen B says:

    I have NEVER seen a flower like this before!


  4. cardamone5 says:

    Ha, ha, ha…I have someone in mind for this flower 🙂


  5. Imelda says:

    I’ve never seen one like it. 🙂


  6. Cee Neuner says:

    Interesting flower. Thanks so much for participating.


  7. Lignum Draco says:

    Perhaps luckily, I’ve never seen one of these in flower. 🙂


  8. Amy Pinkrose says:

    Lor, I have never seen this flower before ever! So I really thank you for posting it!!! It is very different, almost on the strange side. Yet beautiful as all flowers are. (((HUGS))) Amy


    • lumar1298 says:

      It is a vine plant, Amy… I know it doesn’t smell pretty, but it is so pleasant to at… Would go great in your gardens… You seem to have a gorgeous variety of flowers… You have such a green thumb… Have a lovely evening, Lor


      • Amy Pinkrose says:

        Lor, I don’t think it would do well here. I am in planting zone 5, I believe. Our winters get extremely cold. Yes, I know my thumb is green. Hehehehehe You have a great evening, my friend. We’ve been through new windows being put in and oh yes, I am a wee bit stressed trying to keep all under control. (((HUGS))) Amy


      • lumar1298 says:

        I call my daughter, super woman because she always has something going on… I think you’re one too… Strong but caring… Take care with love, Lor


  9. Did it work in attracting the butterflies?


  10. jpeggytaylor says:

    Definitely different! It made me think of the Rafflesia arnoldii (Corpse flower) of the Sumatran rainforests.


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