Art of Scherenschnitte

This past week I met with my craft group for a little fun of Scherenschnitte. Scherenschnitte is the German art of paper cutting. Designs range from quite simple to very elaborate… As you can see from my design, the flower, quite simple… I tried making the heart, but failed and messed it up… Not as easy as it looks…



I realized a few days later that I use to make these paper cut outs when I was little. My cousins and I loved spending the afternoon designing our masterpieces. We use to fold the paper many times over and cut the edges and make square or round cuts and once the paper opened up, a unique lovely design appeared… No flowers or anything too elaborate, but it looked pretty nice to us…

For the group, we were asked to get an Exacto knife, embroidery scissor, and cutting board… As children, we used a dull scissor and it did the trick unless of course, the pattern is drawn on paper ahead of time and it is complex…

I had a blast with a group of funny ladies… We ate, chatted, and laughed and all while we concentrated…That’s what it’s all about, “Good times”… And in the meantime, I also practiced my photography skills… Not very good at portraits yet, but I will get there soon…

About lumar1298

Love to read, write, and meditate. I Also have a creative side. I enjoy crafting and designing and when I want action, then I dance.
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15 Responses to Art of Scherenschnitte

  1. They look nice to me too. I like the one with the birds the most.


  2. M. Zane McClellan says:

    This is lovely Lor. I remember doing this in art classes. I have seen some done with lasers recently that are so intricate it’s mind boggling. I like them both for their beauty but appreciate the craft of hand made more. Thanks for sharing. ~ Michael


  3. y. prior says:

    really enjoyed this post. first of all, I like how you describe good times – well said – 🙂
    and also, the paper cuts are beautiful. and you say the flower is simple – but looks intricate to me…. and all are works of art! how fun.


  4. Sonel says:

    That looks like lots of fun Lor and I love the designs. As a kid I also had hours of fun cutting out dolls and everything you can think of. My grandmother loved it. 🙂
    Nothing wrong with your portraits and you’ve captured those 2 lovely ladies very well. Love the menorah and doves. 😀


    • lumar1298 says:

      Thanks… I couldn’t remember about doing as a child, but the memories started flowing in the next day… I had a good time and that’s what matters…


      • Sonel says:

        Same here and you just gave me the best memories of my childhood again so thanks for that as well. 😀 I totally agree with you. Having fun is all that matters. 🙂


  5. Boy oh boy, this brought back memories. I remember how the scissors (little round-ended blades so we didn’t poke our eyes out) would struggle when the paper was folded multiple times.

    I think your portraits are very good – very warm and caring 🙂

    Are there pattern books of scherenschnittes? (What a funny word – I want to say say scherenschnitte-schnotte-schnitte – )


    • lumar1298 says:

      Tough word to pronounce… By the end of the evening we were just calling it cut-outs… Everyone had a different pronunciation for it… Thanks and have a great day… Lor


  6. Love the photos, and your storytelling too.


  7. I love seeing the shots of people working at their craft. You describe it as fun, not work, and enjoying working as a community. I like all the shots even the people as it brings life to the craft. The doves resemble my former bed board of two doves kissing around a bowl of grapes. I purchased it to have my mother with me always…her name is Colombe, French, for dove.


  8. lumar1298 says:

    I felt very lonely when I first moved to FL, but someone suggested I’m not sure if it exists in Canada, but it saved me moving back to the long cold winters… I love the groups I joined and all the ladies I have met along the way… Colombe, sounds nice…


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