Like Mother Like Daughter

I know we do not like to hear that expression, but the reality is, we are more alike than what we think…  My mom may say and do things I totally disagree with, but I catch myself doing just what I said I wouldn’t…  I have become my mother…  No!  How could that be!

I found the perfect frame at a thrift store this weekend…  Says it all…


One little joke to go with the theme…

On our way to my parents’ house for dinner one evening, I glanced over at my 15 year-old daughter. “Isn’t that skirt a bit short?” I asked.  She rolled her eyes at me and gave me one of those “Oh, Mom” looks…

When we arrived at my folks’ place, my mother greeted us at the door, hugged my daughter, then turned to me and said, “Lori! Don’t you think that blouse is awfully low-cut?”

And so it is….

About lumar1298

Love to read, write, and meditate. I Also have a creative side. I enjoy crafting and designing and when I want action, then I dance.
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10 Responses to Like Mother Like Daughter

  1. So funny and you are so right!


  2. Damyanti says:

    I’m becoming my mother in some ways, too. That gladdens and terrifies me at the same time.

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog to comment. I’m thinking of starting a small community of bloggers to support each other– groups/ events/ etc. let me know if you’re interested.


  3. So true, and in fact I think that ‘like’ doesn’t go far enough. I have sometimes looked in the bathroom mirror and said to myself ‘I am my father.’


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