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It has taken me a few days to get a clear mind and focus… Company meeting and mini-vaca was wonderful, but now it is back to the grind and reality better set in soon.

I want to share an email I receive from Tom and Judy Kenyon with a very important message from the Hathor’s.  The Hathor’s are highly evolved beings that Tom channels and they in turn, provide remarkable explanations as to what is going on with our planet’s energies…

I thought this message is important for all to hear.  Many souls/people feel lost without direction and there’s so much destruction going on all around us right now that hearing this message seemed to put things in perspective for me…  It also provided a way for us to heal…

I tried the meditation suggested and the energy is amazing…  Try it and you will soon find out how powerful it all is…

Tom’s web site is:

You can read all about the Hathor’s and all their past messages at his website.


Here’s what they had to say and Tom’s observation:

A   Hathor Planetary Message
Through Tom Kenyon

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon
Earth’s passage   through the summer Solstice of 2013 was an energetic marker for the beginning   of a new Chaotic Node.As your planet undergoes increased climate change, you will see further   increases in meteorological novelty and unusual interactions between storm   fronts. What used to be called 100-year storms will happen more frequently.   These types of storms are outer manifestations of Chaotic Nodes and the   escalation of chaos arising from seemingly unrelated levels of existence.

While you have already experienced several Chaotic Nodes since 2011, you are   at the beginning of another major crescendo in chaotic events. While this   particular Chaotic Node will accelerate climatic and geological changes, as   well as social unrest, it is your personal psychological and emotional level   that may well be the most affected.

You can expect to see a pronounced increase in emotional instability and   psychological imbalances among your fellow humans (perhaps including   yourself). The collective social challenges of this will be profound.

For an Initiate, meaning one on the journey to higher states of   consciousness, this particular Chaotic Node is, and will continue to be, both   extremely challenging and full of possibilities. The challenge has to do with   the nature of this unique Chaotic Node, which drives to the surface of your   conscious awareness deep-seated emotional toxicity.

One of the challenges that spiritually inclined persons are experiencing, and   will continue to experience for some time, is the deep recognition that they   have unresolved issues and deep-seated hostilities that may not fit very well   with their self-image. Indeed this is a time when self-images will be   shattered.

You are seeing this unfold at the international level with governments, and   you will see it unfold through all levels of society. But for many it will be   the shattering of personal self-image that will be the most difficult to   contend with.

What we wish to convey is that your negativity, your toxicity, your despair   and your hopelessness—if they are indeed present—need not be a negation of   you. Rather they can be portals into the deep unconscious, to the very   bedrock of human   subconscious intent.

In the process of self-liberation, you must deal with this negativity in   yourself regardless of the methods you may use to free yourself.

The Orchidium

We now wish to impart a method for infusing yourself with light and   life-enhancing energy. We introduce the method at this time because it will   take great fortitude and personal energy to work through this particular   Chaotic Node as well as the ones coming to you in the future.  We call   this the Orchidium.

It is a very simple method that involves a biological metaphor and image. The   greatest obstacle and the greatest difficulty with the Orchidium is its   simplicity. Human beings tend to make things more complex than they need to   be when it comes to this type of work.

In its essence the Orchidium is a means for you to draw into your KA (your   energy body), as well as your physical body, high levels of spiritual light   and life-enhancing energy—what the Yogis call prana and what the   Daoists/Taoists call chi.

In this method you imagine that there is an orchid-like flower in your naval.   The central root of this imaginary flower is hollow and is anchored or rooted   at a point in front of your backbone, directly opposite your navel. This area   is known to Daoists/Taoists as the Ming-Ma   (or Seat of Life).

It is from the Seat   of Life that subtle energy is distributed to your subtle energy   body and also to the organs of your physical body. This type of subtle energy   has a very deeply nourishing and rejuvenating effect.

When you hold an image of the Orchidium, you imagine that the stamen is   extended out in front of you from the center of your navel. (Note: Stamens   are the pollen producing reproductive organs of a flower. They consist of a   stalk called a   filament and an anther   that produces the pollen.) When you create the Orchidium via your   imagination, the stamen protrudes from the center of the blossom. For   reference purposes, a photograph of a flower with its stamen appears   elsewhere in this message.

By its nature the Orchidium draws into itself and then back into the Ming-Ma,   spiritual-light and subtle energy from the cosmos.

To engage the Orchidium, all you need do is to imagine this flower in   whatever ways makes sense to you so that its blossom is open, and the central   root is hollow extending from the navel back into the Ming-Ma. It is crucial   for you to understand that the Orchidum draws these celestial energies to you   by itself, by its own nature and without you having to do anything.

There is no relationship between the flow of subtle energy into the Orchidium   and your breath. Once you activate the flow of celestial energies to the   Orchidium, they will flow automatically and unobstructed until you stop them.

Sensitive individuals will soon discover that they can sense the flow of   cosmic energies into the stamen of the Orchidium itself, but success does not   depend on this level of sensitivity. This type of awareness is simply a   refinement. What is important   is to feel and sense the flow of spiritual-light and energy down the central   root, the hollow tube, from the Orchidum (in your navel) to your Ming-Ma and   then to enjoy the flow of life-force throughout your subtle and physical   bodies as you wish.

We suggest you experiment with this in five-minute intervals so that you   become familiar with how the Orchidium works for you and also to avoid   over-stimulation.

It is possible to bring too much celestial energy into your system, which is   why we suggest five minutes at a time. Five minutes once a day is all that is   required to familiarize yourself with the Orchidum and its potentials.

Once you understand how the Orchidium works for you and how much celestial   energy you can comfortably bring into yourself, you can experiment with   longer sessions if you wish.

After each Orchidium session we strongly suggest you imagine the Orchidium   closing so that the blossom is not open. This is for the purpose of   self-protection when you enter into the world. Until you have learned how to   separate life-positive energies from the life-negative energies that surround   you, we suggest you engage this strategy of protection.

Adding the Aethos

While you can engage the Orchidium without any sound or music, in the   beginning stages you may find the Aethos   Sound Meditation very helpful. This is because the pulsations   within this sound piece facilitate the movement of celestial energies within   the Orchidium root, which connects into your Ming-Ma.

As you listen to the Aethos Sound Meditation, when engaging the Orchidium,   pay special attention to the hollow channel, the root, which runs from the   Orchidim into your Ming-Ma. The sonic pulsations within the Aethos will   amplify the flow of celestial energies into this channel.

Philosophical and Religious Obstructions

While the method of engaging the Orchidium is simple, the consequences in   terms of your life-force and your capacity to hold spiritual light are quite   complex.

There is another complexity here but it has to do with your belief systems.   If you do not rise above these limited beliefs, you will constrain the flow   of celestial energies.

You live in a cosmos of exquisite unimaginable beauty, spiritual-light,   consciousness and energy. You are an heir to all of these treasures, and each   of them imparts to you powers of consciousness—yet you are cut off from your   birthright by many of your philosophies and religions.

Any religion that teaches that you have been separated from the celestial   light-filled realms because you have a physical body is an obstruction to the   truth of your being—as we view it. Any religion that says that you are   separated from the heavenly worlds and their treasures through the sin of   your birth is also, in our view, an obstruction.

Those philosophies that propose that you are merely a physical being with no   dimensions of consciousness transcendent to time and space are, in our view,   obstructions as well.

For the sake of experimenting with the Orchidium we suggest you temporarily   suspend these beliefs. See for yourself how well the Orchidium works when you   actually suspend these limiting thought-forms. After working with the   Orchidium in this manner (sans limiting beliefs) you might even choose to   leave those beliefs and thought-forms permanently behind you altogether.

When working with the Orchidium we suggest the following thought-forms:

1) Imagine that you are a part of, and heir to, all the treasures of the   cosmos—the highest realms of light and the most-subtle life-enhancing   energies.

2) Imagine that the Orchidium effortlessly draws into you these treasures   whenever you choose to open the blossom.

3) Through the Orchidium, you can experience the transformation of your   subtle energy body and the vital organs of your physical body.

Use this enhanced energy and life-force (as well as the light-force) to   sustain you as you move through this potent Chaotic Node and the ones to   follow.

The Hathors
June 27, 2013

Tom’s Thoughts and   Observations

The term Orchidium, as given by the Hathors, refers to a flower-like mental image that   you create in your imagination. This image does not necessarily look like an   orchid, unless you choose to make it so. This is in stark contrast to the   actual word “orchidium,” which refers specifically to orchids. The Hathors   like to play with words, and for them the word orchidium refers to a   biological metaphor that you create through your own volition and imaginative   powers for the purpose of drawing celestial energies into your subtle energy   body (your KA) and into the organs of your physical body.

The important element, here, is that the mental image be a blossom of some   kind with a stamen.

Other than this, I think the Hathors’ description of the Orchidium is fairly   self-explanatory. The only thing I would add to their description is that   engaging the Orchidium does not require visualization skills.

You imagine and sense it in whatever way(s) seem natural to you. If you tend   to “see” things in your mind’s eye, then you might very well have a clear   picture of the Orchidium as you work with it. If you tend to feel things,   then you will have a felt sense of it. And there are, of course, other   combinations of senses that you could imagine the Orchidium with as well.

As for physical attributes, imagine the Orchidium to be whatever size, shape   and color you wish to make it. The point in all of this is to create the   Orchidium in a way that is most comfortable for you.

I have been working with the Orchidium since 2011, under numerous conditions,   and I can definitely verify its effectiveness. I also find the Hathors’   suggestion for working with the Orchidium while listening to the Aethos Sound   Meditation very helpful. The sound patterns in the Aethos sound piece do   actually facilitate the movement of celestial energies from the Orchidium   into the Ming-Ma in some very remarkable ways. And so I suggest you give it a   try. You will find a link to the 5-minute version of the Aethos Sound   Meditation at the bottom of the page.

The Shattering of Self-image

The Hathors are quite clear that this particular Chaotic Node carries an   emotional punch. And I can personally attest to a quickening of emotional   material since this last summer Solstice—the likes of which I have never   seen.

When they were talking about the shattering of self-image and the driving of   unresolved emotional material into conscious awareness, one of their turns of   phrase caught my eye.
“…your toxicity, your despair and your   hopelessness—if they are indeed present—need not be a negation of you. Rather   they can be portals into the deep unconscious, to the very bedrock of human subconscious intent.”
By subconscious   intent, they mean the psychological forces (thoughts, feelings   and desires) that we keep hidden from ourselves. As socialized human beings   we have all learned how to emotionally adapt to our environment.

And it is my observation that when we, myself most definitely included, are   faced with the dilemma of thinking, feeling or desiring something not   acceptable by those around us, many of us send those thoughts, feelings and   desires underground—into the deep subconscious mind.

It is here in the darkness of the   un-owned self that these unclaimed psychological forces fester   and build. Eventually, they break out into the open or we become secretive   about them. In a strange paradox of human nature, some of us become zealots   and condemn those who express those very same furtive thoughts, feelings and   desires that we have been harboring in ourselves.

I asked my Hathor mentors after receiving this message, why they brought up   the topic of subconscious   intent to begin with. Their response was 1) these subconscious   thoughts, feelings and desires create quantum   effects that are sometimes at odds with our conscious intent.   This conflict constrains our creative abilities and 2) we must deal with and   transform our deepest hostilities and negativities or be destroyed by them.

In their last Planetary Message, The   Healing Power of the Human Heart (April 13, 2013), the Hathors   gave a powerful sound meditation to assist with this type of clearing. If you   are experiencing the type of emotional intensity the Hathors alluded to in   this message, I encourage you to work with the Hathor Heart Chakra Healing Sound Meditation.   A link to the message and the sound meditation appears at the bottom of this   page.
The Orchidium: A Visual Aid

As the saying goes… “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Thus I thought it   might be helpful for some readers if I included a photo of a blossoming   flower.


The photo is of a Hibiscus, and it is for reference purposes only. Your   Orchidium can be any size, shape or color you choose.

The important element in any Orchidium is a blossom that can open and close   (according to your own volition).  In this case, the stamen is   that nubby thing that sticks out from the center portion of the Hibiscus. It   is through this stamen that celestial energies (prana or chi) are drawn into   the Ming-Ma (the Seat of Life), which sits in front of your spine directly   opposite your navel.

From your Ming-Ma these celestial energies circulate into your energy body   (your KA) and into the organs of your physical body—imparting a type of   spiritual illumination and increased vitality.
Final thoughts

I suggest you take a few minutes after working with the Orchidium (especially   if you create it in conjunction with the Aethos   Sound Meditation) to just “be” with yourself in silence for a few   minutes. Ideally, you would sit or lie down with your awareness in the area   of your Ming-Ma. Develop your capacity to sense the flow of chi/prana from   your Ming-Ma into the organs of your body and into your subtle energy body   (your KA) as well.

It is well worth the time and the effort to develop this type of awareness.   The trick is not to rush into outer activity. After creating the Orchidium,   spend some time with yourself through inner contemplation of your Ming-Ma.

This energetic pathway (from your navel to your Ming-Ma) is a most auspicious   one.

When you were a fetus in the womb of your mother, you were connected to her   via the placenta cord and it was through this tether that you were nourished.

At a deep primal level, your psyche recognizes that this is a fundamental   channel for receiving life-force.  Furthermore, at a psycho-spiritual   symbolic level, this channel is also a means to open yourself to the vast   restorative powers of the cosmic nurturing feminine—the Mother of All Things.


Note: When you click on the links below, you will be taken to the Listening   Agreement. Once you agree to the listening terms, you will have access to all   of the audio files, which you are free to use for your own personal   listening. Just scroll down to find the title of the sound meditation you   wish to hear. Headphones or ear buds are strongly recommended over your   computer’s speakers. This is especially true for the Hathor Heart Chakra Healing Sound Meditation   (in fact, most computer speakers are incapable of handling the frequencies of   this particular sound piece).

The Aethos Sound   Meditation

Hathor Heart Chakra   Healing Sound Meditation

Information Not Directly Related to this Message

The Aethos CD

The Aethos   CD is a compendium of Aethos sound meditations, which includes both the 5   minute version and the 30 minute version of the meditation as well as   recordings of the Aethos Sound Meditations for the Heart, Throat, Third Eye   and Crown Chakras. These last four remarkable live-recordings were made   during a Hathor Intensive in 2011 when Tom toned on top of the Aethos Sound   Meditation bringing in the energies of 10th, 11th and   12th dimensional Hathors.

Both the CD and mp3 versions of The   Aethos are now available, which you can order from the Store at Click here to visit the Store.
Tom has also written an extensive article about the Aethos Sound Meditation   entitled The Aethos: Thoughts and Observations, which can be   found in the Articles   section of the website. In the article, Tom discusses various esoteric ideas   as well as theories about the meditation including practical suggestions for   working with this sound piece.

New Workshop CDs

Two new sets of workshop recordings are now available.

The Sphere of All Possibilities was recorded live   at a Hathor Intensive where the Aethos information was first publically   presented. The entire workshop recordings focus on the Hathors’ unique method   for manifesting positive outcomes, which involves shifting your perception of   time and space in profound ways. This complete set of workshop recordings   includes in-depth training sessions, personal stories as well as numerous   catalytic sound meditations. The set consists of 10 CDs. It is currently   available as physical CDs only. (Note: We hope to have mp3 versions available   soon.) You can find the set of CDs in the Store section of our website or click here.

The Kalachakra of Chakrasamvara and Vajrayogini is   an 11 CD set of live-recordings from a three-day Shamanic Buddhist Mediation   Retreat that focuses on tutelary protector beings who impart their Shakti (or   spiritual powers of illumination and enlightenment) through eighteen potent   sound meditations. Tom’s insightful and humorous teaching style makes the   concepts and methods of Buddhist Tantra easy to comprehend—even for those   with no background in Buddhism or meditation. This set of recordings is   currently only available as physical CDs. (Note: We hope to have the mp3   versions available soon.) You can find this set of CDs in the Store section   of our website or click here.

An Introduction to the   Hathors and the Mythic Realm, is a 16:12 minute talk by   Tom on some of his early experiences with the Hathors and has been posted in   the Listening   section of the website. After you click on the Listening Agreement, you will   have access to all of the audio files, which you are free to use for your   personal listening. Just scroll down to find the title.

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