Words of Wisdom…

I always emphasize meditation because it brings awareness and peace of mind…  You don’t have to go outside of yourself for answers.  All we need to know is within each and every one of us…  I’m no expert by any means, but I do know that when I meditate consistently, things have a way of working out…  When I stop, my life becomes unmanageable…

Many friends ask, “How do you meditate?”…  Meditation is not a science which is difficult.  Meditation is simply to sit quietly and empty the mind of thoughts…  The mind is always going and focusing on something reduces that internal chatter.

There is not set form to use.  I take a little from everywhere and incorporate to my own way…  I meditate to Tom Kenyon’s sound meditations, I do Deepak guided meditations, I listen to the healing sounds of Carolina Zacaria, or just put a mellow CD and try to focus on my breathing (In through your nose and out through your mouth).  Focusing on the breathing helps to quite the mind…

Here is what Deepak has to say about meditation:

Everyone thinks that the purpose of meditation is to handle stress, to tune out, to get away from it all. While that’s partially true, the real purpose of meditation is actually to tune in, not to get away from it all, to get in touch with it all. Not to just de-stress, but to find that peace within, the peace that spiritual traditions talk about that passes all understanding. So, meditation is a way to get in the space between your thoughts. You have a thought here, a thought here, and there’s little space between every thought.

Edgar Cayce on Meditation:

Prayer is speaking to God and mediation is listening to God. Mastering the technique of meditation is not easy. There are three keys necessary to succeed in meditation. The three keys to this door of communication with God are sincerity, enthusiasm and perseverance.

As for sincerity, ask yourself these questions: Do I really know who and what God is? Do I know him personally as a loving Father, or do I just know about him? More important, does he know me? Are we on speaking terms, or do we just nod occasionally? If we find ourselves answering in the negative to these questions, we may begin to realize how greatly we need him..

Enthusiasm is important because it is an inner fire, an inner light seeking its own source. In meditation, this inner fire stimulates every cell of the body and every reflex of the brain to listen.

Perseverance is perhaps the most difficult key. We need to keep on, day after day, in the effort to re-establish our communion. When we first attempt to harness the thoughts, to control the body, to sit still, we realize just how much the body controls us, mind and spirit.

Tom Kenyon: 

Does not have an interpretation for meditation, but he offer many explanations to his sound meditations which can be heard for free on the following web site:  http://tomkenyon.com/

He channels higher beings called Hathor’s and through him they give us the messages.  Do not feel overwhelmed when you read some of the messages.  They speak of much destruction, but we all are part of the collective and can do much to change things around.

Master J. Krishnamurti explain what meditation is:

Meditation is the flowering of understanding.  Understanding is not within the borders of time; time never brings an understanding.  Understanding is not a gradual process to be gathered little by little, with care and patience; understanding is now or never; it is a destructive flash, not a tame affair; it is this shattering that one is afraid of and so one avoids it, knowingly or unknowingly.  Understanding may alter the course of one’s life, the way of thought and action; it may be pleasant or not but understanding is a danger to all relationship.  But without understanding, sorrow will continue.  Sorrow ends only through self-knowing, the awareness of every thought and feeling, every movement of the conscious and that which is hidden.  Meditation is the understanding of consciousness, the hidden and the open, and of the movement that lies beyond all thought and feeling.

If you notice all are saying pretty much the same thing…

Life is our school…  In meditation we learn about ourselves.  I’m going through the process now and every day brings about a new experience and a deeper understand of who I truly am…  My quest for this lifetime…

Give it a try and let me know how it goes…

Good luck and Namaste…


About lumar1298

Love to read, write, and meditate. I Also have a creative side. I enjoy crafting and designing and when I want action, then I dance.
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5 Responses to Words of Wisdom…

  1. johncoyote says:

    Meditation is very important. I must clear my head and thoughts daily to find sleep. Good diet and meditation allowed us to know a good life. Thank you for the positive information.


  2. pearlinocean says:

    It seems like going to the whole process of meditation, feeling it, just by reading your post. Beautifully written & very informative. 🙂


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