Garage Sale Finds…

This morning I had to get up early to get to the post office before the crowd and I stopped at one garage sale which really was an estate sale…  The difference from a garage sale to estate is that in an estate sale the entire contents of the house is up for sale…  I love those, but I also feel remorseful about it…  So many possessions in life to be diminished and sold so quickly after one’s dead…  I feel so sorry for the person who just died…  I get all kinds of weird feelings from the experience…  I usually thank the deceased for the item I’m purchasing and let them know it will be nicely displayed at my house…  As soon as I get home I light an incense and let the smoke go around the item…  This is to clean the item from that person’s energy…  All our possessions have our energy, therefore, anything that is purchased from a garage or estate sale should be cleaned prior to entering your home…  My neighbors must think I’m crazy or something…  I do this ritual every time I purchase anything that is used…  You don’t want all these energies coming into your home and confusing the heck out of your environment…  I don’t see ghosts, but I do feel them…  Sometimes when I’ve gone into thrift stores and I touch an item I start with the goose bumps and I feel and know that energy is attached that item.  I get so excited about with the experience that I lose the feeling…  Anyhow, I don’t want all these ghosts trespassing on my territory…  I wouldn’t know how to get rid of them…  I’m not a medium….

Here are my two cute items…

I’ve seen these boards at restaurants and when I saw it, it was a, “Must have”…  Don’t know exactly where to put it, but I had to have it.  It is sitting on top of my fridge until I decide where it will be displayed… I can start to get organized by writing my weekly menus…

board 001

The parrot found a home in my bedrooms side table…  Love it…  Haven’t decided what to do with the candles…  I’ll find something to put them in soon enough…

board 002board 003

About lumar1298

Love to read, write, and meditate. I Also have a creative side. I enjoy crafting and designing and when I want action, then I dance.
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