Lessons Learned…

I went to the Princess House Party last night and even though I said I wasn’t going to buy anything I did purchase one item that I could not live without… I bought two small edged glass dishes with a lid which can go from freezer to microwave and back into freezer without breaking… You place a piece of uncooked meat with seasoning in the microwave and in eight minutes or so it cooks…  The sales consultant demonstrated how it worked with the bigger dish and a whole chicken.  It took thirty-five minutes in the micro wave to cook.  We sampled the chicken and it tasted wonderful…  It was juicy, tender, and very flavorsome…  Recommend everyone experiences a Princess House Party once…

I can’t stop talking about Princess products…  I’m excited….  I spend a lot of money eating out… But now, I’ll be saving instead of spending…  I usually stop and buy food before getting home because I’m too hungry to wait until something gets cooked, but six to eight minutes depending on the meat is feasible for me.  Wow!  These products are revolutionary…I can’t wait to get it and try it out.  I will kill two birds with one stone – Eating healthier and losing weight… Wish me luck…

I was having a grand time and towards the end of the evening (Thank goodness), I made the mistake of saying, “I went to a physic and she suggested I get out more and socialize”…  Wow!  Huge mistake…  I got chewed out…  I forgot what kind of people were in the group…  Large faux pas…  First thing out of their mouths, “Oh No Lori, how could you, it’s so diabolic”…  Wow…  I’m the she devil now…  I’m on their SH_T list too…  I guess I will not be invited back to another Princess Party…  I traumatized them…  But wait, it gets better – I had to hear a story  about a lady that read her horoscope while sitting in the bathtub and it said not to make a move and she stayed the bathtub all day and lost her job on account of it…  How silly is that…  Really!!!

I just laughed and didn’t dare talk about my views on religion…  I let it slide…  Not so worth arguing with a bunch of rigid ladies…  But if I would have chosen to say something, I would have spoken about tolerance and forgiveness…  They should practice what they preach…  Oh well!  What can I say but my favorite expression, “Such is Life”…

Sometimes we gain more by keeping silent than by opening our mouths…  If I can’t find the words to express what I’m feeling with an open heart and out of love, I shut the hell up…  That is the one thing I have learned throughout my spiritual path/quest…  Do not care to build Karmic energy…  Rather send them love and let them learn their own lesson…

For now, signing off…

About lumar1298

Love to read, write, and meditate. I Also have a creative side. I enjoy crafting and designing and when I want action, then I dance.
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4 Responses to Lessons Learned…

  1. Gardengirl says:

    I agree. I know some very rigid people and there is no discussion with them. They are right and nothing will open their minds. Yes, all you can do is let them learn their own lesson. Sorry about your party, though. I would have been interested in what the psychic said.


  2. Gardengirl says:

    Well, I’m glad you had fun and I agree… 🙂


  3. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com says:

    Truthfully said.Great poem.I think most of us learn from our mistakes 90% they don’t.Regards. jalal


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