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I’m so Proud of ME…

I’m so proud of me… I didn’t hit the stores on Black Friday… Can’t comprehend how people can stay up all night… I need my beauty sleep… No can’t do… I went out today and got the same bargains and … Continue reading

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Bundle Up…

Bundle Up… by lumar1230 featuring water resistant watches HENRY CHRIST knit sweater$385 – H m$80 – Isabel Wallis zipper AllSaints tote Michael Kors water resistant Illamasqua eyeshadow$54 – NARS Cosmetics NARS Cosmetics Mascara$25 – Cycas Silk Plant with … Continue reading

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When we think of love… We think of passionate crazy love… But we tend to forget that we also have many other kinds of love… The love we feel for our children… Trying to raise them correctly… So they can … Continue reading

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My nephew, Christian and Niece, Gabriela making their wish….  Wishbone broke in half…  Both wishes will come true… Custom dates back to 1850…  Wonder who started it…  

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Dear me: I’m so exhausted already and it’s only mid-afternoon… Veg’ing on my sofa and sipping red wine…  After a long day of Christmas decorating there’s no other way to relax than that… I just finished putting up my Christmas tree…  … Continue reading

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Photo Challenge: Inspiration

I’m trying to think of one thing that inspires me to write and I can’t fine just one.  There’s so many things that transpire throughout my day that motivate me to write.  I have many drafts going, some make it … Continue reading

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Cranberry Jell-O Salad

  1 Large box of jello (cranberry, raspberry or cherry [I use the sugar-free jello] 1 can of whole cranberry sauce 1 large can of crushed pineapple 1 cup finely chopped celery 1 cup walnuts Dissolve the jello in 1 cup … Continue reading

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