Dare to Dream…


I want to take the time to thanks my friends and family for having the patience to follow and read my blog.  It has been a true blessing to have found something meaningful to do in my life and sharing it with others is what makes it significant.  Not only is the blog for me to help me get through stressful days, but I also hope to inspire and ignite spark in those that need a little uplifting… 

People ask me constantly how I come up with the material for my blog…  Well!  It is very simple or so I want to believe it is…  I start my day by keeping an open mind, ears, and eyes…  I get in my car and chant away… All of a sudden, I see, hear or something comes to mind and I begin to write.  It can be anything…  I haven’t been consistent with one thing or the other…  I have many interests and my writing portrays my versatility…  Can be an inspiration, a poem, a design, or a comment to me which I call, “Dear me”…  I assume that is what makes my life somewhat interesting. 

I do not have time for boredom or nonsense…  I try to keep busy and when I’m home, I enjoy the solitude with myself… Except sometimes I do need human interaction instead of talking to myself or the walls…  There are moments I catch myself drifting and thinking about my old life back home…  But would I go back to the cold, snow, and sleet?  My answer is always, “Absolutely No”…  That’s when I stop missing by best friends…

It is true I do not have someone I can call in the spur of the moment to go get a bite to eat or go to a chick click or just go for a stroll…  It is also a fact that I make friends easily, but I haven’t connected with anyone since my move…  But then again, we wouldn’t be living if we didn’t have small nuisances to deal with on a daily basis…  Life is not perfection as we would like it to be…  What makes us sane or not is how we chose to deal with the circumstances…  I chose to live an adventure daily…  I’m on a quest for friends, knowledge, and understanding…   And soon I shall find all of it…

There is always hope at the end of a rainbow…  So never ever give up hope….

About lumar1298

Love to read, write, and meditate. I Also have a creative side. I enjoy crafting and designing and when I want action, then I dance.
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