I was thinking about what to write and boredom came to mind and then I remembered a friend told me last week she was bored.  At this point in my life, I’m very comfortable with myself hence this concept is difficult for me to grasp.  Whether at home, work, or out I seldom feel bored, but I have a friend in need, therefore, I must begin by understanding what are some of the causes and what the reasons behind it are, and then perhaps I can offer some advice.  I’m not an expert, but I was young and restless once upon a time and sometimes experienced boredom back then.

There are so many reasons to be bored.  What I found out is that many things can cause boredom.

  • Life changing events, such as, a loss of a partner or friend can leave a feeling of loneliness.
  • Being too smart and not receiving enough stimuli or motivation.
  • Lack of variety or too much variety.
  • Loss of interest, tiredness, and laziness.
  • Absence of stimulation.
  • Repetition of tasks.

I’m sure there are a dozen more reasons, but I believe this about sums it up.  So now that I have identified some of the reasons why we get bored then maybe I can suggest some things to help my friend change her patterns or find new ways of doing things so boredom won’t be such a burden.

Constant stimulation, I believe is not an answer or exhaustion will eventually set in…  You cannot be always on the go.  You need to be comfortable in your own skin and meditation provides a sense of peacefulness, knowingness, and security.  Keeping a log or journal helps identify what is causing the boredom and usually a solution arises all by itself.  Writing things down is a good way to begin knowing yourself.  Changing habits can be refreshing.  Give yourself an extra half hour one day and take a scenic route to work. Explore your new surroundings and see what new things arise from it.  Joining a dance class or gym should help eliminate some of that negative energy…  Let it all loose…  Join a book club and do some reading… Change your patterns…  Eliminate people who are constantly causing tension in your life and surround yourself with like-minded individuals…  Don’t always look for something to do.  Just sit in a park and contemplate your surroundings.  Truly feel and see the beauty all around… That you thinked that you will become… Change your negative emotions and feelings to positive affirmations, “I am lucky, I am significant, I am full of vigor, etc., etc., etc.”  Remember there are always more people in worse predicaments than you…  If you are not happy with who you are – Change it.  You are the driving force in your life…  No one can do it for you other than yourself… And as I always say:  Meditate, meditate, meditate… The tranquility that comes from meditation cannot be found from outside stimulation but from within.  Once your grasp that concept then you’re on your way….

Good luck my friend…  Know that I’m always here to lend a helping hand…

Please feel free to comment and interject anything that can help….

About lumar1298

Love to read, write, and meditate. I Also have a creative side. I enjoy crafting and designing and when I want action, then I dance.
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